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На този адрес - - ще намерите 25 видео урока за използване на Google Sketchup в дърводелството при проектиране на мебели.

Уроците са на английски, затова не съм си направил труда да преведа описанието по-долу.

Приятно гледане и образоване. :)

ShopClass: SketchUp for Woodworkers Part I & II
English | H264 1280x720 25fps 651kbps | Mp3-62kbps | 1.11 GB

SketchUp for Woodworkers Part 1: Getting Started
This ShopClass is comprised of our series of 12 lessons in the basics of using SketchUp (a free 3D-modeling program from Google). These video lessons take you step by step from setting up the software to gathering information from your finished model. So you'll head to the shop with all the information you need to build any project with confidence. You'll know the exact sizes of every part, and how the parts go together – before you ever cut any wood!
    • 2 Hours of Expert 3D Computer Modeling Instruction
    • Learn at Your Own Pace
    • Build on Screen Before You Head to the Shop
    • Learn the Basics of Google SketchUp
    • Master the Skills You Need
    • Techniques for Quick Designs
    • Set Up SketchUp for Efficiency & Accuracy
ShopClass: Sketchup for Woodworkers - Part 2: Advanced Techniques shows you how to quickly and easily resize even the most complex plans. The video lessons from this download build on the skills learned in ShopClass Part One. You'll learn the magic of copying instead of drawing and the art of making changes. You'll be able to print detailed parts lists and full-sized templates. You'll know the exact sizes of every part and how the parts go together — even before you cut the wood! Add accurate details such as dovetails, raised panels and cope-and-stick-joints to your projects.
    About the Presenter:
    Robert W. Lang is the executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and the author of several books on furniture styles and design. With more than 30 years experience designing and building furniture and in CAD and computer illustration, Bob brings a practical style to teaching 3D modeling with Google SketchUp.

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